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Receive: Uploading Single Pictures to a Smartphone

Follow the steps below to upload individual pictures to a smartphone or tablet device.


Smartphone or Tablet

1: Launching the App.


Tap Receive.

Bluetooth: Confirm that the camera has a connection to the smartphone.


Wi-Fi: After checking the name of the device to which the camera is connected, press MENU/OK.

If the correct device is not displayed, press DISP/BACK and try connecting again.


2: Upload.

Press MENU/OK.




Transmission complete

Additional pictures can be uploaded by pressing the selector left or right to display pictures and pressing MENU/OK to start upload.


3: Exit.

Press DISP/BACK to end the connection.

Tap Exit to close the FUJIFILM Camera Remote app.


The time needed for upload varies with file size and the distance to the destination. At default settings (recommended), ON is selected for WIRELESS SETTING > RESIZE IMAGE FOR SMARTPHONE and images are resized to for upload.

Additional Operating Instructions