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FUJIFILM Camera Remote can now be used with all FUJIFILM cameras equipped with wireless LAN (note, however, that the features supported vary with the camera). From now on, please use FUJIFILM Camera Remote when connecting to a FUJIFILM digital camera via wireless LANs.

Uploading Single Pictures to a Smartphone

Hassle-Free Uploading
From the moment of download, this free app lets you upload pictures to the smartphone without the hassle of entering user IDs or passwords.
You can share high-resolution photos on the spot and upload them to your blog or social networking sites.

Using the FUJIFILM Camera Application

Uploading Multiple Pictures to a Smartphone

Select and Upload up to 2GB in size or 30 Pictures at a Time
A maximum 30 images totalling no more than 2 GB in size can be selected for upload from the camera.

Using the FUJIFILM Camera Application

Downloading Location Data from a Smartphone

Location Data for Photographers on the Go
Download location data from your smartphone and save it with your pictures.

Using the FUJIFILM Camera Application

Browsing the Camera from a Smartphone

Remote Camera Browsing
Browse the pictures or movies on the camera from your smartphone or tablet and select pictures for download.


  • F800EXR browses pictures only.
  • The iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch may not store movie files in unsupported formats. In camera’s shooting mode, choose HD(1280 × 720) or smaller size for MOVIE MODE of MOVIE SET-UP.
  • Android smartphones and tablets store movies in the /fujifilm/Photo Receiver folder.
  • Movies can not be viewed depending on android smartphones or tablets, or movie viewing app.

Using the FUJIFILM Camera Application

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