Free iPhone and Android App FUJIFILM Camera Application

Uploading Single Pictures to a Smartphone

Hassle-Free Uploading
From the moment of download, this free app lets you upload pictures to the smartphone without the hassle of entering user IDs or passwords.
You can share high-resolution photos on the spot and upload them to your blog or social networking sites.

Using the FUJIFILM Camera Application

Uploading Multiple Pictures to a Smartphone

Select and Upload up to 2GB in size or 30 Pictures at a Time
A maximum 30 images totalling no more than 2 GB in size can be selected for upload from the camera.

Using the FUJIFILM Camera Application

Downloading Location Data from a Smartphone

Location Data for Photographers on the Go
Download location data from your smartphone and save it with your pictures.

Using the FUJIFILM Camera Application

Browsing the Camera from a Smartphone

Remote Camera Browsing
Browse the pictures or movies on the camera from your smartphone or tablet and select pictures for download.


  • F800EXR browses pictures only.
  • The iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch may not store movie files in unsupported formats. In camera’s shooting mode, choose HD(1280 × 720) or smaller size for MOVIE MODE of MOVIE SET-UP.
  • Android smartphones and tablets store movies in the /fujifilm/Photo Receiver folder.
  • Movies can not be viewed depending on android smartphones or tablets, or movie viewing app.

Using the FUJIFILM Camera Application

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