Browsing the Camera from a Smartphone

Follow the steps below to access the camera from a smartphone or tablet device and browse or download pictures.


Smartphone or Tablet

1: Prepare.

Select playback mode.
  • 1 Launch the FUJIFILM Camera Application app.
  • 2 Tap Browse Camera.

2: Connect.

Place the camera and smartphone as close together as possible and operate both devices simultaneously.

In the playback menu, select  WIRELESS TRANSFER > VIEW & OBTAIN IMAGES ON .

In the playback menu, select WIRELESS IMAGE TRANSFER > VIEW & OBTAIN IMAGES ON .

Tap Connect.

3: Confirm.

After checking the name of the device to which the camera is connected, press .

If the correct device is not displayed, press and try connecting again.

4: Download.

Select images for download.

5: Exit.

The connection terminates automatically when you exit the smartphone browser.
Tap Exit to close the browser window.

Additional Operating Instructions