Some cameras or Android devices do not support Bluetooth pairing.

  1. Select PAIRING REGISTRATION in the camera menus.

    See the camera manual for more information on the camera menus.

  2. Launch FUJIFILM Camera Remote.


  4. Choose a camera.

  5. Tap OK when pairing is complete.

    Pressing the camera MENU/OK button when pairing is complete sets the camera clock to the time reported by the smartphone or tablet.

To pair with a different camera, tap Change in the app launch dialog.

Uploading Pictures to a Smartphone or Tablet

On the Camera

If ON is selected for AUTO IMAGE TRANSFER in the camera menus or if pictures on the camera have been selected for download using IMAGE TRANSFER ORDER, automatic upload to the smartphone or tablet will continue when the camera is off or in playback mode. See the camera manual for more information on camera menus.

On the Smartphone or Tablet

Once pictures have been selected on the camera and auto upload has begun, a pop-up notification will be displayed and the smartphone or tablet will show that it is receiving images.

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